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A Teleclass Series for Coaches and Managers

Created by Suzanne Zeman
Facilitated by Rob Schilling

In this 6-week teleclass you will learn 5 basic distinctions that can be used for coaching and managing virtually, with practical application to your own somatic presence within your current client or management work. You'll learn how to apply what we're discussing to your work with people immediately. We'll spend one week on each distinction and one week integrating all of them. Come to the class with your questions and curiosity, as we will do some coaching in real time.

What can you expect from the teleclass?

· Somatic distinctions you can use to move yourself and your clients forward

· Practices that will be useful for embodying the various distinctions

· More freedom and movement in your coaching and with your clients and direct reports

· Mentor coaching: case studies in real time

These are the somatic distinctions we will work with in the class:

Week 1: Sensation

What is the client experiencing about their body now? Where is energy flowing? Where are points of attention? Where is the client noticing constriction or contraction? Where is the client not aware (for example, no awareness or sensation in back? What is their awareness of their vertical line? Horizontal? Front to back? Practices to enhance awareness.

Week 2: Breath

Listening for shortness of breath or shallow breathing, constriction or contraction, moving to fuller and deeper breathing from the belly, with relaxed shoulders and upper chest. Practices to enhance full breathing.

Week 3: Voice

Listening for characteristics of strained, constricted, shallow, tight voice, moving to where the client can relax, expand, and connect with others from a fuller, deeper voice. How does the voice represent the identity that the client desires?

Week 4: Mood

Listening for a pervasive story that has the client trapped in a mood that doesn't allow them to take the actions to design the future they care about and review of four basic moods and how to shift to a mood that is more fulfilling.

Week 5: Center

Listening for embodiment/action based on what the client cares about. Practices to help discover cares, passions, commitments that are not yet revealed. Expanding your energetic structure.

Week 6: Integration

Review of practices and distinctions, bringing them together, and further application for working with clients. Learning how to get big, open your energetic structure and hold a clear boundary.

Specifics and Logistics:
The classes are held virtually for one hour each. A pre-class preparation call and a post-class individual call will be scheduled with you in addition to the six classes. The specific call-in details will be provided prior to the first class.

The class structure is in the form of 6 one-hour group coaching calls, text, reference material, practices and assignments, for US$ 425.00 or SG$ 600. Retake/Revision USD 225 or SGD 325

There are three class schedules to choose from:

Class A: Thursdays from 3 August to 7 September 2017 from 10am-11am SGT

Class B: Fridays, 8 September to 13 October 2017 from 9am-10am SGT

Class C: Mondays, 11 September to 16 October 2017 from 5-6pm SGT


Space is limited to 10 participants. Email: for further information or to schedule an application interview.

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