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Human Resource Development has become a focus of many organizations in Singapore and beyond.  With the increase in demand there is an expanding need to fulfill learning objectives through the contracting of trainers, coaches and consultants.  In response to this demand, established and new service providers are now apparent in the marketplace in the form of independent consultants, small and medium sized companies.  Each of these service providers has their own capabilities and their own style of delivery.

The expansion of both demand and supply brings about some interesting challenges;

  • How do business seeking services find the qualified and appropriate providers?
  • How do service providers know which companies are willing to use their own unique competencies?
  • What can a client organization do to assess the “right-match” for their needs and their organizational culture?

The Human Capital Network or HCNet was developed with these questions in mind.  Our goal is to connect client organizations with the appropriate resource for their development needs.  Whether the service objectives require training, coaching and/or consulting, HCNet is here to connect you.  For further information, continue to the Client Services or Subscriber Services pages or Contact Us and one of our associates will assist you.



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